5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Happy When You're Away


Much to their chagrin, our pets can't be with us all the time. And unfortunately, they tend to express this disappointment through destructive behaviors like shredding the couch, munching on a tasty shoe, or leaving smelly surprises around the house.

Our animals act out because they miss us, and home just isn't the same without their favorite human(s). Making small changes to their environment though can lead to significant improvements in their behavior, and may even save a few pairs of shoes. Here are 5 tips for keeping your pet from stressing out when you're away:

1. Get a pet sitter. 

If you've got a few extra bucks to spend, hiring a pet sitter/walker can make all the difference in your pet's conduct while you're away. Your pet will get a potty break, playtime, and some good social interaction, and you'll get to relax a bit knowing your furry family member is taken care of.

2. Keep it clean. 

Just like us, pets like their space to be clean. Before you leave, empty the litter box, take out the trash, and put away as much clutter as you can. There will be less for your pet to chew on, and you will create an all-around nicer environment.

3. Leave a bit of yourself. 

One mess that you can leave lying around is your dirty laundry—pets love to curl up with stuff that smells like you, and it can be incredibly comforting to a stressed out animal. If your pet is a chewer, only leave stuff that you can handle being destroyed (you know, just in case).

4. Encourage play time. 

Make sure your pet channels his energy positively by leaving lots of toys around the house. Leave at least one in every room so that if your pet wanders in there they will find a fun surprise!

5. Turn on the TV. 

Give your pet some sense of company by leaving the television on for them while you're gone. Keep the volume relatively low and put on something fun and happy—like a kids' channel.

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