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Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Jobs in Alexandria, VA

Dog Gone Walking & Pet Care LLC, northern Virginia's premier pet care company, seeks passionate and trustworthy dog walkers and pet sitters.  You must be a true animal lover with pet experience. this can be a personal background with pets, ideally dog walking, pet sitting, volunteering in a shelter, or working at a doggy daycare, grooming or veterinarian's office.  Because we pride ourselves on providing a high level of service to our clients, you must have excellent presentation and communication skills.  Our assignments provide an incredible opportunity to spend time with a variety of animals, getting exercise and meeting great people.  Must love spending time outdoors!  
Assignments range from visiting pets while their parents work &/or travel, to staying overnight at a client's home to insure the safety of their pet and household.


Job Duties

Pet sitters and dog walkers are responsible for: 

◦ The well being and overall care of our clients' pets, must be a pet lover and have experience caring for them!

◦ Managing clients' needs and preferences with a commitment to providing a superior level of care 

◦ Have excellent work and personal references

◦ Trustworthiness, plenty of common sense, and an ability to follow detailed clients instructions are key criteria to working with us.

  • You should be aware that this type of work is a big responsibility; living, breathing animals will be relying on you to be a punctual, organized and competent care giver. 


Additional Candidate Requirements

Pet sitters and dog walkers must have: 

◦ Flexible Schedule, schedules can change, and often do 

◦ True animal lovers comfortable handling dogs of all sizes

◦ Resistant to inclement weather, including cold, snow, humidity, and rain

◦ Exceptional written and verbal skills to interact with us and our clients

◦ Be dependable, our clients rely us on and we rely on you 

◦ Ability to think on your feet under pressure and modify actions accordingly

◦ Pet &/or animal experience

◦ A resident of Alexandria, Virginia.  Please specify which neighborhood you live in on your application

◦ US citizens with the ability to pass a formal background check 

◦ Available to start work immediately and make a commitment of at least six months

◦ Equipped with a smart phone

◦ Be 18 or older 

Submitting an Application

If you meet all the above requirements and would like to be considered for a position, please fill out your application below.  Your application should include:

◦ A resume &/or application (application below) detailing your experience with animals (we want to hear about any/all pet experience even if it was for a neighbor/boss/friend), copied and pasted into the body of your message.

◦ Your phone number(s) and home address


We look forward to hearing from you!

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