Mike Goodwin

Born and raised in Alexandria, Mike has had the pleasure to give back to the community he has been a lifelong resident of as the proud owner of Dog Gone Walking since 2017. Knowing that his love and care for pets comes naturally and being the son of a pet care business owner since 1993, along with a business opportunity to make working with pets a career, Mike decided in 2017 that it was the perfect time for him to take on the challenges and rewards of owning a pet care company. Without the hassle of catering to corporate demands with little reward anymore, Mike now gets to happily lead the Dog Gone Walking team in achieving its goal of providing quality pet care to ensure that the daily lives of its clients are "just a little bit easier each day."

Both a people and pet person at heart, being owner of Dog Gone Walking allows Mike to exhibit these skills to ensure the needs of all clients and staff, but most importantly the pets, are properly met each and every day. Since taking over in 2017, Mike has come to realize how fortunate he was to take a leap of faith on his love for pets and decision to be owner of Dog Gone Walking. From his time growing up with his first dog Crystal the chihuahua for nineteen years to currently adoring his two rescue dogs Kelly and Chewtoy, Mike could not be happier that he now also gets to extend his heart, time, and energy into all the new Dog Gone Walking pets that are now also part of his furry family!

Beth Mazur
Consultant & Founder (Former Owner of DGW)

Beth grew up in Vero Beach, Florida attended University of South Florida studying behavioral health. Undergraduate education was not the end of Beth's school years as she continued attempting to seek out the career field of her dreams. Sitting behind a desk while looking out her window she always envisioned herself working outside. It wasn't until July 2010 that one of the doctors that Beth worked for mentioned that he could see her running her own pet care business; knowing how physically active she was, her keen sense of business and her love for animals that she possessed. At first Beth thought this idea was ludicrous, until one day everything fell into place when one of the patients asked Beth to start walking her two dogs after work. From there, the rest came naturally; meeting people while walking dogs as well as obtaining additional business through colleagues.  Beth quit her job and officially started working full time for herself and her wonderful clients.  

As Beth continues to commit herself  to your pet's personalized care, she handles all walker scheduling, acts as one of the primary backup walkers, and is the direct contact for all of the clients. Currently, Beth is maintaining and striving to make her employees, as well as her clients, more knowledgable in the well being of the pets we care for and have come to adore.

Brittany Leckey
Pet Care Professional

A Virginia resident all her life, Brittany has always been someone truly fascinated and captivated by dogs.  The care and attention she displays towards these animals has been part of her make-up since her early childhood.  Even after growing up with dogs, working with all different types of dogs the last six years, and currently being a proud owner of a Pit Bull and Yellow Lab, Brittany continues to take it upon herself to learn the details and particulars of dog behavior and their individual characteristics to a great extent.

The passion and commitment to ensuring all animals are fully understood and given the proper care they deserve has allowed Brittany to become a valuable member of Dog Gone Walking's team since 2012.  Since joining Dog Gone Walking, Brittany has served not only as a dog walker but also as staff liaison tasked with such duties as instructing and supporting our other team members to ensure the quality of care our clients deserve from our Paw-fessionals exceeds their expectations.   When not spending time with our clients or team members, Brittany enjoys spending time with her family and friends, or possibly even enjoying a game of softball or basketball.

David Whalen
Pet Care Professional

Growing up in Springfield, Illinois, David and his family always had a variety of dogs and cats. After his move to the area later in life, David was dog-less until he rescued Skylar, a Shepherd mix. After he and his wife then decided to foster dogs, it was through this process David came to find his second dog, Maybel, a 3-legged pit-bull. Since 2014, David has been a pet care provider with Dog Gone Walking and his clients have nothing but positive things to say about him and his relationship with their pets. Always wanting to take care of our furry friends, David also works for another pet care company doing overnights in their facility.

Heidi Gallegos
Pet Care Professional

Heidi enjoys being active, volunteering in her community, and spending time playing and hiking with her dogs. Heidi is originally from Chicago, where she began her teaching career over 20 years ago.  She moved to Washington, DC with her husband and daughter in 1998 where her husband pursued a job with the federal government. Through their various tours with the State Department and FAA, northern Virginia has been the home they returned to and raised their children.  Before her daughters were in school, Heidi cared for pets for neighbors and friends and enjoyed bringing their first dog into their own home as well.  Her 12 year old Yorkie/Perkinese mix now shares his time with their 7 year old boxer. Heidi, her family, and dogs take full advantage of the various outdoor spaces in the area. Heidi is excited to be part of Dog Gone Walking's team that allows her to spend time with pets and be outdoors for a large portion of her day.

Jeannine Dugan
Pet Care Professional

Jeannine is a Native Texan!   She and her husband Tim relocated from Houston to Alexandria in 2017 for his job.  Leaving behind a desk job in the oil & gas industry, Jeannine is thrilled to be working around animals and spending time outdoors with them.  She loves dogs and is excited to be part of our team of caring pet professionals.  She has grown up with all sorts of animals---cats, dogs, rabbits and even reptiles!  Jeannine has experience with all ages and breeds; puppies to seniors, pedigreed to rescues.  Currently, she and her husband have a 2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Luna, and two Tuxedo cats, Freddy and Peanut who think they are dogs!  They are expecting a new fur baby in January and can't wait to meet their new Cavalier pup. 

Jeannine has three children; her eldest is a Naval Architect and lives/works in Alexandria. Her middle son studies Petroleum Engineering at the University of Texas in Austin; and youngest daughter studies Social Entrepreneurship & Marketing at Belmont University in Nashville.  Jeannine is an avid cyclist and staunch Caps fan!  Other hobbies include travel, fishing, hiking and all things outdoors.  She has been with DGW since 2018.  

Deb McKeeman
Pet Care Professional

Deb is a native of Northern Virginia and considers herself a proper political junkie.  She has grown up with many different animals, worked with Dog Gone Walking since 2013, and is currently the proud owner of two Manikin Finches, Billy and Bob.  In her free time, she likes to explore new and different cuisines, travel the world, and read.  She also expresses herself artistically by creating personalized stained glass windows.

When she is not walking pups, taking care of cats or making beautiful glass pieces, Deb works in computer network administration, with a degree from George Mason University.

Steven Humiston
Pet Care Professional

Steven was born and raised in Idaho, but recently moved to Northern Virginia as a change of pace.  He grew up surrounded by all types of pets, including cats, dogs, snakes, rats, lizards, and ferrets.  Steven has also worked at a local animal shelter in Idaho, and ended up taking home two dogs in two weeks!  He currently does not have any pets but walking dogs with Dog Gone Walking since 2017 helps him get his daily puppy fix.  He wanted to start dog walking because he loves dogs, and wanted to do something that would let him work with dogs and be outdoors. 

Cassandra Vigue
Pet Care Professional

Kortney Anderson
Pet Care Professional

Vero Iglesias
Pet Care Professional

Since the moment her mother rescued a little white Maltese when she was about ten years old, her love and respect for all animals, but specially dogs, only grew stronger. The breeds she is most familiar with are German Shepherds, Labrador retrievers, Cocker Spaniels and DGW has given her the golden opportunity to interact with other wonderful breeds such as hounds and bulldogs. She has learned from all of them to be more present and enjoy life to the fullest. She is a pet mom herself of a three-year-old Labrador, and is very grateful for the privilege of taking care of other pups, and learning from their infinite wisdom and joy. In their leisure time Vero (who speaks five languages) and her husband enjoy nature with their four-legged son, always making sure to "leave no trace" to protect Mother Earth. They are also very health-conscious, play sports, practice meditation on a daily basis, and are always eager to participate in efforts to protect the environment and animal rights.

Kristen Mele
Pet Care Professional

After growing up in southern Maryland and attending the University of Maryland, Kristen then moved to northern Virginia to begin the next stages of her life. Since then, she became a mother to her nine year old son and is excited that another child is currently on its way! Always one to enjoy the outdoors, Kristen loves making her way to the mountains and other scenic areas with her family and breaking out her camera to capture Mother Nature in all its glory.
Kristen has one dog named Lacie, a Malteese-poodle. After Kristen's father passed away, Lacie has done what most dogs do - kept Kristen's mom company and brighten up the days for her...the way only a dog can!  

Angelo Aldana
Pet Care Professional

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