Dog Gone Walking & Pet Care can provide you and your fur child with a wide array of pet care options to keep your pet happy and healthy while you are away. 

We pride ourselves in the ability to adapt to our clients' specific needs, so please don't hesitate to ask about customizing any of the services below to better suit you and your pet's needs.

Consultations and Key Exchanges

In order to get you, your pet, and us to establish a healthy, long-lasting relationship that benefits us all, we are more than happy to offer a free initial 20 minute consultation to meet you and your pet and discuss a pet care plan.

Consultations are scheduled subject to manager and walker availability.  During this visit we need you to provide us with 2 copies of your house key and the signed forms to make future service more efficient and less costly for you, as subsequent meetings and key exchanges will be charged. 

   Initial Consultation & Key Exchange   Free

Subsequent Meetings Upon Client's Request   $25

Booking Tips

We welcome this as an opportunity to help consumers considering hiring a professional pet care company, to make the best, most educated decisions possible when vetting a provider.  Please understand this should be done several days to possibly a few weeks prior to the start of your care services.  

Serious consideration must be taken, allowance of enough time to select options (we recommend three), review, interview and determine the best fit.  No two pets, no two pet parents, no two pet care providers are alike.  This is not a simple transaction - we want and need our clients to select us based on the desire to want to establish a long term relationship where all parties may be afforded the ability to know and benefit one another in the long term.  

Care for Cats in particular, who hide illness very adeptly, especially with strangers, will only relax and learn to enjoy care from us, if we are permitted to build that relationship.  

Dog Gone Walking & Pet Care will never pretend to be an appropriate fit for every pet parent, but we will always be direct & honest in our approach.  Your registration process, we cover each aspect clearly and in multiple ways.  Pet parents must accept responsibility in allowing enough time to take the care and consideration necessary to vet a provider that is appropriate for their and their pets needs, and to reach out to us as soon as there are questions regarding costs or policies or fees and to compare providers for the best fit possible.   

Mid-day Dog Walks

To keep your dog's tail waggin', we can walk your dog between 10am and 4:30pm Monday - Friday.  Our walks include a water refresh and treat.  

DGW serves two types of clients: those who use us on an as-needed basis and those who use us on a regular basis.  

Our Daily Rate has the flexibility of adding visits here and there, as they need it.  

Our Monthly Flat Rate  package includes 5 walks Monday - Friday starting at 10am and finishing any remaining clients at 4pm, one walk each day.  The rate never changes regardless of the amount of walks per month.  

Please note: monthly contracts are not available for durations of less than three consecutive calendar months.  Due to the discounted flat rate of this program there are no credits or refunds for individual walks not used.

Daily Walk Rates

*Before 10am, After 5pm & Weekend Fees Apply*

20 Min Walk       $25

30 Min Walk       $35

45 Min Walk       $45

Additional Dog $10 per walk

Monthly Flat Rate

*3 Month Minimum Commitment*

 20 Min Walks 


 30 Min Walks


 45 Min Walks


Each Additional Dog



Puppy Package

Ensure your lil' pups are growing up with the proper care and attention they need by allowing us to visit your pups twice a day between Monday and Friday, two 20 minute visits.  

A good rule of thumb to follow is, a puppy can hold their bladder 1 hour per 1 month of age, so at 2 months of age they can hold it for 2 hours, at 3 months of age they can hold it for 3 hours, etc.  

Visits will make sure your lil' one is given the opportunity to relieve itself, is properly fed, hydrated, socialized...and not to mention lots of play time your pup loves!  Limited Availability.  Rates are on a monthly basis, 3 month commitment.    

Puppy Package (up to 3 months of age) $800

Additional Puppy $75

Extended Service Fees

Our regular working hours are between 10am to 4pm, but if you are in need of any care before 10am, after 5pm or with less then 24 hours notice of scheduling and/or cancelling we may be able to accommodate your request, there is a small additional fee to the regular price of the scheduled service.  Our regular rates for mid-day walks & visits apply, but we charge a weekend fee, and it is as follows:

Before 10am   $10

After 5pm   $10

Less than 24 Hour Request   $10

Saturday & Sunday Per Day & Visit  $10


Holiday Services

With enough notice and based on the availability of our staff, we can offer any of our services on a holiday, but we will have to charge a holiday service fee in addition to the regular price of the scheduled service.  Please see our Policies and Guidelines to fully understand holiday service.  The following are holidays:

New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, & Christmas.

 One Charge Per Holiday a Day:



Non-Overnight Multiple Care Visits

While you're away, the party can stay!  This is for independent pups who can thrive off of little socialization.  If you will be out of your home for more then 2 consecutive days. DGW will require

Un-crated dogs will require a minimum of THREE 30 Minute walks per day. 

    Example of times:  7-10am,  12-3pm,  7-10pm


Crated dogs will Require a minimum of FOUR, 30 minute walks per day.

 Example of times: 7-10am, 11-2pm, 3-6pm, 7-10pm 

DGW reserves the right to add walks/visits while the owner is away if we feel it is in the best interest of the pet(s). We will notify the client if this is necessary. The client will be responsible for the additional fees upon their return. 

In the event the Client has to be away longer than planned it is mandatory that DGW hear from the Client directly, thus ensuring any alternative arrangement that may need to be made can be.


*Individual Daily Dog Walking Rates Apply* 

Overnight Pet Sitting in Your Home

To keep your pet stress free, within its own environment, and with a human presence at night, we can provide overnight care in your home. Between 7pm and 8am we will be with your pet in your home to provide walks, feedings, and lots of love. ONE Mid-Day 20 min walk is included.  Home care can also be provided during these hours.  


Overnight at Your Home Per Day   $100

Additional Pet(s)   $25

Kitty Cat Care

Not as dependent on humans as our canine friends, our feline friends are still in need of lots of care and affection, and we love giving it to them!  Visits include 20 minutes for feeding, litter-box cleanup, water refresh, brushing, and lots of love.  We communicate with you each visit to keep you updated that your precious one(s) are as smitten and comforted as when you're home.  

Kitty Cat Care   $25

Each Additional Litter Box   $10

Key Lock Out & Miscellaneous Services

To keep you happy, we can help you in other ways.  We can provide you with your house key if you get locked out of your home, house sit while you are away, and can even run any errands for you if the stress of Northern Virginia traffic gets to you easily.  Or, if you have any other special requests please let us know and we may be able to help you out.


Key Lock Out   $20

Errands (Vet, Pet Store, Etc.)   $25

Late Payments (7 days)   10%

Cancellations Less than 12 Hours (does not apply to Monthly Flat Rate) Full Payment for that Day


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